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Services and method
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To develop projects

Integral service

At TALAIA, we not only create, we also restore. Our highly trained team is dedicated to bringing your vehicle back to life, from small repairs to more complex projects. Trust us to keep your adventure moving and your home on wheels in perfect condition.

11.Collection of Your Vehicle

We start your journey with comfort and convenience. We pick up your vehicle at the location of your choice, ensuring the process is easy and hassle-free. Your vehicle is in good hands from the start, saving you time and energy.

2.Personalized Planning and Budget

At TALAIA, customization is key. Once we have your vehicle, we work with you to plan every detail of your camper. We analyze your needs and wants, and then create a detailed budget that fits your vision. Every aspect is designed to exceed your expectations.

3.Strategic Proximity in Our Location

We want to be close to you. Our strategic location close to major roads, such as the A8 and N1, allows us to be accessible and connected. With TALAIA, you not only get exceptional camperization, but also the convenience of a location that makes it easy to access your adventure in any direction.

Energy on Wheels

At TALAIA, we enhance your trips with top-level electrical installations. From solar systems to high-capacity batteries, we create solutions that keep you connected wherever you go. Your energy independence is our priority, ensuring that you always have the necessary power to enjoy each adventure to the fullest.


Reliable Parts and Components

At TALAIA, we understand the importance of reliability on the road. Our spare parts catalog includes quality parts and components, ensuring your vehicle is ready for any challenge. Keep your adventure moving with parts that meet our standards for durability and performance.


Transparency in your Trip

At TALAIA, we take care of your vision and safety with our glassware services. From repairs to replacements, we keep your windows and windshields in perfect condition. Our glassware specialists ensure you have a clear view of every moment of your trip, keeping your safety and comfort at the forefront.


Custom Shelter

At TALAIA, we create tarps that not only protect, but also enhance your outdoor space. Custom designed, our tarps provide you with shade and shelter at your stops. Whether relaxing outdoors or expanding your living space, our tarps are an extension of your lifestyle on wheels, providing comfort and versatility at every destination.


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